Perfect Protein-Packed Berry Blast Smoothie Bowl

The Best Berry Blast Smoothie Ever!

Let’s face it life is busy.

You know it.

I know it.

Everyone knows it. Therefore is it not news.

And sometimes we are busy too busy taking care of everything else that we forget to take care of the most important thing – ourselves.

At the same time that is the most important thing though, since there is only one you and there is only one me. There is only one of each of us. Well, that’s a talk for another day, but you know what I mean. Wink.

One of the easiest, wisest, cheapest, and coolest way to take care of ourselves is to eat healthy breakfast. Click To Tweet

First, healthy breakfast can help to decrease appetite, well obviously.

Secondly, healthy breakfast like my berry blast smoothie bowl can boost your performance, and make you feel good. In other words, you can now focus on the task at hand because your tummy is not growling every other minute.

Thirdly, healthy breakfast is good for blood sugar.

Breakfast is unarguably the most important meal of the day. If you have been skipping breakfast, don’t worry with this protein-packed berry blast smoothie recipe, there is absolutely no reason why you should.


Dress up your smoothie bowl as you wish. With or without topping, this bowl rocks!

Bring on the beautiful day.

Not only will this smoothie help you start your day right, it can equally bring a perfect ending to a busy day. Perhaps you had a challenging day, and do not have time to cook; I got you, because, under 10 minutes, this bowl of goodness is ready. Having this in a bowl, not working? Don’t fret over it; quickly pour it into your on-the-go smoothie cup and enjoy while you are out on a mission. Also, to point out, you may not need the toppings as well if you plan to have it in a (smoothie) cup with a straw.

OK, take this protein power to the next level by adding some chia seeds and more berries for that extra yumminess.

Now if you are ready, let’s make this protein-packed berry blast smoothie bowl.


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And please let me know which one you end up making 🙂 And if you have a smoothie recipe; please feel free to share below in the comment.

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With love,

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