Introducing the Juice Approach

A 28-day Juicing, Intermediate Fasting, And Clean Eating For Weight Loss!

Learn a scientifically proven system to lose weight and keep it off! If your goal is ever to lose weight, reclaim your health, and become your best healthiest self, then you are in the right place!

Did you know that:
  • 13% of adults in the world are obese and 39% of adults in the world are overweight.
  • More than 1.9 billion adults are overweight. And more than 650 million are obese.
  • 41% of women aged 20 and over are obese, with the highest rates among Hispanic women (47%) and Black women (46.8%).
  • Obesity is preventable.
  • The food we eat plays a vital role.
  • Juicing provides the body with a healthy source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Juicing aids in weight loss and protects against diseases!
  • Juicing decreases inflammation & can help reset your body.
  • Taking care of yourself starts with you.
  • The responsibility to improve your health and regain control of your life is on you, and no one is coming.


The Juice Approach

Initially, I was not too fond of the idea of juicing… And it was because of the bad wrap it was getting. Then, I didn’t quite understand how to use juicing to change my health story or even how to include it in my diet!

My eyes opened after the 5-Day Juice detox challenge. I felt excellent and light; I noticed that my persistent heartburn had gone away. And most importantly, my clothing wasn’t that snug anymore! After the end of my 5-day detox challenge, I continued juicing. And I continued to feel better. All my skepticism about juicing jumped out of the window, and I became a believer.

So, if you are skeptical about juicing, I’m here to tell you that I was, too, initially. However, it’s time to change your life with it, and I’m here to help and guide you through it! Juicing absolutely changed my life, and now, I want to help you confront your health challenges and control your health story. You can change your life, too!

The Juice Approach is created to help you experience your best healthy life, helping you lose weight naturally! The recipes in this program will nourish, nurture, invigorate, and fortify your body with the needed nutrients while you lose weight and fight inflammation and other diseases. The Juice Approach is your ticket to your excellent health.

Are you ready for your best life?

Is The Juice Approach a Good fit for you?

  • You want to take control of your life & experience your BEST HEALTHY LIFE!
  • You want to lose weight naturally.
  • You want your food to become your medicine!
  • You are tired of quick fixes.
  • You desire a Lifestyle Change!
  • You are in this for the long run!
  • You are ready for a permanent life-changing routine.
  • You have time to implement and make this program work for you!
  • You want to break free and become your own health advocate
  • You want Joy, Happiness, Confidence, and Independence that come with being in excellent health!
  • You are tired of the same old same story!
  • You are ready for the NEW YOU!
  • And that you will be committed to following this program for 28-days!
The greatest wealth is health

— Virgil

When I first started juicing in 2019, all I had was my blender. I would cut and add the ingredients into my blender and add some water to blend.

Then, I would sieve it after blending using my colander. This process was indeed a labor of love, but it changed my life.

When you join The Juice Approach, you will also see alternative blender recipes. In other words, if you have no juicer, no biggie! Remember, You can start with what you have! 

I only used my blender to make all my juices until 2021. Yes, friends, I only bought a juicer in 2021. My initial 5-day detox challenge and 28-day juicing were all courtesy of my very able blender!!! 

This photo was taken on January 30, 2019, and the juice was made with my blender!

I LOVE juicing and swear by it. Since I started incorporating juicing into my diet, I have never had an entire week I didn’t juice! That’s crazzzyyy! Who saw THAT coming?! Juicing Changed my life, and I am grateful and know it will change yours!

Take a moment to…

Think about your health and where you are at the moment. What are the advantages?

Visualize Your Best Healthy Life and what that will mean to you. What will be the advantages of being in your best healthy life?

Losing weight, reducing inflammation, managing blood pressure, being happy, more confident, and more good stuff. What will you lose? Did you say nothing, Yes, you are right!

And it will only cost you $97, more than what you can spend at a restaurant for a dinner for two.

Why is The Juice Approach so Special?

This program isn’t just about juice recipes; it will show you the how, what, and when. It will show you the process that I have used to achieve incredible health benefits using healthy natural juices!

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from juicing in the 4 + years and packaged it in this program to show you how to Change Your Life in Less Than 30 Days.

I’m handing over the step-by-step system I used to get to my best healthy life for only $97!
What People are Saying:

“I started and finished The Juice Approach and am grateful I did! I lost about 13 lbs, and my health is on the right trajectory! It wasn’t easy initially, but all the tools helped me stay accountable. One of the things that set me up for success was the pantry inventory; it helped me to declutter those processed unhealthy foods. I loved the juices!”

— Lindie S

“Kechi is incredibly amazing, and I love all her programs, especially The Juice Approach! She provides nutritious recipes and is a great support throughout the process! I lost about 17 lbs, I have my confidence back, and I feel fabulous! If you are looking for help to lose weight, you should consider this Program – The Juice Approach!”

— Naya N

A Public Health Promotion Expert with a Master’s Degree in Public Health. The creator of The Juice Approach and the author of Make Time for Dinner!

Hi, I’m Kechi!

My greatest passion is helping you navigate your healthy lifestyle as a busy career woman. After receiving my Master’s in Public Health, I thought working in my local health department would be my calling. But really, serving you directly in this online space gives me immense joy and a sense of achievement.

Developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be daunting, and I know from personal experience that maintaining a healthy weight is even the hardest. I have created The Juice Approach, a 28-day Juicing, Intermediate Fasting, And Clean Eating For Weight Loss. This program is what you need to get that weight under control!

The Juice Approach is a 3-way approach that uses three techniques to address weight loss and maintenance. It will show you how to lose weight and keep it off naturally.I’m glad that you are here and I hope this program helps you reclaim your joy and CHANGE YOUR HEALTH STORY forever!

Happy Living!

xoxo, Kechi

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Disclaimer: The testimonials, examples, and photos used are of actual clients and the results they personally achieved with my programs/recipes. They are not intended to guarantee that you will achieve the same results; rather, these testimonials represent what is possible for illustrative purposes only. Results differ depending on your circumstances; at the end of the day, you are responsible for your actions and outcomes. Refrain from purchasing this program if you do not agree with this disclaimer.