The Most Delicious Plantain Brownies

Vegan plantain brownie recipe made with sweet over-ripe plantains

Let’s Celebrate the Versatility of Plantains. I was born and raised in Nigerian, and plantain, just like many other tropical foods such as rice, stew, sweet potato, meat pies, etc., were popular! Plantains are also super versatile, last time I used semi-ripe plantains to make plantain stuffing, which was to die for! And today, I…

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How to make Plantain Stuffing

Plantain is Versatile. Growing up in Nigeria, plantain was a huge part of my life; we had plantain trees in the compound and on the farm. My mother would use it in different ways, such as roasting, boiling, frying, or making it into porridge (the same way as sweet potato porridge.) Today I will be…

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How to Make Red Cabbage Taco

Classic Cabbage Course. If you know my family and me, you know we have a high affinity for tacos, I mean they are tasty, easy to make, kid-friendly, what not to love? These days, though, I have loved taco on salad leaves, I mean taco fillings can literally go on anything, especially with salad leaves.…

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How to Make Classic Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Side dishes are special. First of all, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the fantastic role that side dishes play. I will gladly put it this way: side dishes complete a meal course. Here in the United States, people love mac and cheese sides, and today we will happily put a little spin on this…

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How to Make The Best Fudgy Pumpkin Brownie Recipe

Pumpkins are Precious. These extra fudgy pumpkin brownies were so good, and I have Kat to thank! 🙂 Though you can have your hands on a pumpkin all year round clearly, the ember months are the pumpkin months. As soon as you hear “fall,” that means everything pumpkin has officially begun. And of course, the…

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How To Make Healthy Almond Oat Cacao Cookie

Almond cookie with oats and cacao

These yummy cookies will have you licking your fingers. My kids just like many kids want treats from time to time, so one of the major requests I get from them is usually, “mommy, I want some cookie.” Most times, I will remind them that cookies are “sometimes’ food.” And other times I make this…

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