Baked Ripe Plantains: Nigerian Boli with Guacamole

Oven roasted sweet plantains (maduros) with guacamole

Boli – Baked Ripe Plantains. Although plantains may look like bananas, plantains are not bananas; nevertheless, some people call them big bananas. And for these baked ripe plantains recipe, I will be using plantains and not bananas. As a child, I had plantains trees in the compound, and whenever they mature, my father would cut…

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Sugar-free Strawberry Sauce for Pancakes and Toppings

Healthy and refined Sugar-free strawberry sauce for dessert toppings, oatmeal toppings, pancakes, waffles, and much more!

Refined Sugar-free Strawberry Sauce. I hate to start this blog post by telling you how awesomely fantastic homemade food is, but yes, I AM TELLING YOU that homemade food is the BEST! For instance, when you make your own strawberry sauce, you have plenty of choices. First, you can make it sugar-free, aka this super…

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The Best Way to Peel Beans Using a Bender

How to peel black-eyed peas for fritters popularly known Akara or Kose. Deskinning beans is very easy and simple with the blender. #Blackeyedpeas #Peelbeans #Nigerian #Moimoi

Why Peel Beans? First of all, I think it would be safe to say that Nigerians run on beans, growing up, my mother made plenty of recipes using beans. Such as beans porridge, beans and plantain, white beans, beans, and rice! Then there are moi-moi or beans pudding, and the delightfully delicious Akara or black-eyed…

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Nigerian Chicken Suya Recipe

Delicious meat kebab recipe on skewers

A West African Delicacy. Across Africa, especially West Africa, Suya is well-received street food, usually made with beef, or ram, and sometimes, chicken. Suya is unique – made with ground/powdered peanut-based spice, called Yaji, and also known as Suya spice/Suya pepper. I will like to say that this very Nigerian chicken Suya recipe is a…

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