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Hi, I’m Kechi

Welcome! If you are here because you envision starting a healthy lifestyle, you are just one decision away from the extraordinary life you deserve!

I am Nkechi Ajaeroh, your Public Health Promotion expert with a Master’s in Public Health. I am here to tell you that your health is a big deal, and you can change your health story!

My greatest passion is helping you navigate your healthy lifestyle as a busy career woman. After receiving my Master’s, I thought working in my local health department would be my calling. But really, serving you directly in this online space gives me immense joy and a sense of achievement.

I would be delighted to help you navigate your healthy lifestyle struggles. So come in, and let’s get started!





Nothing else will matter if your health is on the struggle bus daily. SAD, BUT TRUE.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women.

41% of women (20yrs +) are obese.

The highest rates are among Hispanic (47%) & Black women (46.8%).

33.6% of women (20yrs +) have high blood pressure.

It’s Time To Change Your Health Story!

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The Juice Approach

A 28-day Juicing, Intermediate Fasting & Clean Eating For Weight Loss!

The Juice Approach is a 3-way approach that uses three techniques to address weight loss and maintenance. The three techniques include a 28-day daily juicing, intermediate fasting, and clean eating. These 3-techniques will help you lose weight naturally, gain new confidence, and stay motivated to become who you envision yourself.

Make Time For Dinner

This e-cookbook provides you with over 30 Healthy Dinner Recipes, so you’ll never run out of recipe ideas! 

Dinners are unarguably one of the most important meals of the day. It is a time when families gather around the dinner table and enjoy the last meal of the day in the company of each other. Many modern families are busy during the day, and the only time they have is the evening at the dinner table. For most people, that’s the only time they see each other!


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Empower Life with Gratitude and Positive Perception

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Yours truly

Growth would never happen without struggles because it is part of the process. Therefore, see every growing struggle as a grateful experience“.

This book easily lays out simple - yet effective steps to experience positive change. This book will make a positive impact on anyone who reads it.

The exercises make you STOP and THINK, and you'll discover no matter where you are on the ladder of gratitude, you can always do better!

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Know Your Nutrients

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Let's explore the incredible world of food nutrients, from the fruits we adore to the veggies we sometimes dodge. It's all about understanding what's on our plate and how it fuels our bodies. Whether you're a fellow food lover or just curious about what you're munching on, let's dig in and discover the tales behind our bites!

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Benefits of Blueberries photo 1
Avocado is a superfood! There are different types of Avocado, and Avocado has so many health benefits! They're delicious, incredibly nutritious, and have many health benefits! If you need an excuse to eat more Avocado, here's what to know about this delicious fruit! Also, you can add them to recipes! From avocado smoothies to guacamole or avocado sweet potato bites!

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Search hundreds of nutritious, easy-to-make recipes and enjoy restaurant-worthy meals at home. 
FACT: It is cheaper to eat at home than to eat out.
You can save hundreds/thousands with home-cooked meals.

"Kechi gives 100% no matter what she does."

What I love about Kechi is that she presents cooking in a way that is not intimidating and achievable for everyone, including busy professionals. Through her recipes and cooking demonstrations, she shows that there is always time for a healthy, delicious meal.

From her inspirational books (I have purchased all of them) to her affordable coaching and consulting, you will be delightfully satisfied with her services.

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