3-Ingredient Healthy Watermelon Lemonade

Refreshing healthy watermelon lemonade recipe in picnic basket

Healthy Watermelon Lemonade. You need this healthy watermelon lemonade recipe, am dead serious. This global pandemic is reminding me not to take anything for granted. First of all, I have always had a special love for watermelon, yet, I have in many times before now taken this health-improving fruit for granted. I grew up in…

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Easy to Make Chocolate Lava Cake

The best chocolate lava cake served with vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Lava Cake. If you are like me then maybe you bake cakes less often, here’s the thing: whether you don’t like to bake cakes because they are cumbersome (like yours truly), or perhaps you cannot be left alone with baked cakes whenever you bake them, and then you tend to do it less often.…

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Kids Quarantine Birthday Guide During Lockdown

How to throw kid's birthday party in quarantine. Also know as Kids Quarantine Birthday

A World in Peril. The beautiful world that God created is going through it this time. The deadly coronavirus struck, and the nations of the earth are still grappling to find vaccine and cure. While the scientist and medical workers put their best foot forward to save humanity, the whole world is literally on lockdown.…

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Spring Mix Salad with only 4 Ingredients

Nkechi Ajaeroh's Quick and easy spring mix salad Recipe with citrus dressing

Salads are for Special Occasions. Well, what should I say every day we have an opportunity to be alive is indeed special, so, therefore, salad days are every day, right? Salads are supposed to be one of the simplest foods on the planet, yet sometimes it could sound very complicated and cumbersome. Today I want…

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Healthy Whole wheat Banana Bread

How to make the best banana bread with whole wheat and honey. This recipe is easy to follow.

The Best Banana Bread Recipe. My goal today is to share with you this healthy whole wheat banana bread recipe. So far, this is my best take on this classic delicacy. Firstly, this recipe is easy to make, second, it is healthy as well as delicious! Additionally, this recipe is moist, refined sugar-free, and made…

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Coronavirus Pandemic: What to know

What is Coronavirus? Symptoms of coronavirus, how does coronavirus spread?, Facts about Coronavirus, COVID-19, Coronavirus pandemic,

What is coronavirus, also known as COVID-19? Unless you are living under a rock or in another planet, you may have heard about the new pandemic in modern history – coronavirus. This virus originated in Wuhan China towards the ending of 2019, and as of today, April 04, 2020, it has spread to a total…

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