Join the 5-Day Detox and Reset Challenge!

Ditch The Weight Loss Craze, And Get Intentional About Your Health. This Almighty Healthy Lifestyle Kick-starter will automatically nip your unhealthy eating habits in the bud!

My 5-Day Body Detox and Reset challenge includes a meal plan with tested and trusted health-improving recipes, a grocery list, a food journal, and a schedule to get you on the right track!

Why a 5-day detox & reset?

Because it mercilessly crushes the  Rule of three: weight loss, cholesterol, and blood pressure + it’s only 5 days!!!

No Calorie Counting:

  • No calorie counting, really!
  • No tedious exercise. This astonishingly simple strategy will blow your mind.
  • No habit will do what eating healthy does. If you know, you know! 
  • If you are ready to take charge of your health and are tired of counting calories, this 5-Day Detox & Reset Challenge is a great starting point!

Detox & Reset Your Systems:

Cleanse and detox Your Liver and other Essential internal organs! Benefits of detoxing include but are not limited to a healthy weight, improved cholesterol, happy life, excellent heart health, strong bones, reduced cancer risk, high blood pressure, stroke prevention, improved memory, and good gut health.

Do Not Be A Statistics

What’s really in your health plan for you? No matter what, Do Not be part of the cholesterol generation!


“Nearly 25 million adults in the United States have total cholesterol levels above 240 mg/dL. About 7% of U.S. children and adolescents ages 6 to 19 have high total cholesterol. High cholesterol has no symptoms, so many people don’t know that their cholesterol is too high.”

The recipes in the 5-Day Detox Challenge will help you reduce your cholesterol.

Hear Directly from the Horse’s Mouths:

Client Reviews

Oyii Says:

“Day 5 is here, and I am so grateful to have embarked on this journey. I have not had a cup of tea in 5 days, and I am full of energy. My day at work always starts with a cup of green tea – well, not anymore! Cheers to all my fellow participants. To our mentor, and coach, Nkechi, THANK YOU!”

Ebony Says:

“I appreciate all the energy, research, and passion Nkechi has put into creating this program. And others to help those of us who struggle with getting a grasp on our health! With this program, I gained strides with my health, learned new, simple, and delicious. Also, I gained the confidence and courage to take my health in my hands.”

Lindie Says:

“I am proud of myself for sticking with this program. Thanks, Nkechi, for being a great and vibrant coach. Thank you, members of this small but powerful community, for your positive energy. I am excited about life and for the next step.”

Hi, I’m Kechi!

I’m a Public Health Promotion Expert with a Master’s in Public Health. I’m an author, creator, and food enthusiast. 

My greatest passion is helping busy career women navigate their healthy lifestyles. After receiving my Master’s in Public Health, I thought working in my local health department would be my calling. But serving women directly in this online space gives me immense joy and a sense of achievement.

Developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be daunting, as I know from experience. 

I am grateful to be in this online space to share recipes, actionable tips, advice, guidance, and personalized health programs to help you change your health story!