The Healthiest And Creamiest Avocado Smoothie

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The Avocado Advantage.

The avocado smoothie might be a thing now because of the alleged avocado craze; however, the use of this fruit could date back to as early as 500 B.C according to California avocados. Also, avocado is said to have originated from Mexico, Central America, am really not surprise at all. Though, I thought it originated in Africa.

Growing up, avocado was one of my favorite fruits because it was readily available and my mother would easily offer it as an in-between meal (snack). Equally important to know is that we do have an avocado tree in our background, so, it is not really a big deal to have them in abundance or eat them at will, right? At the same time, we have other fruits also planted in our backyard such as oranges, pineapples, pawpaw, fruited pumpkin likewise bananas, still no big deal at all.

Of course, this was then, when I didn’t know about avocado’s holy goodness and how it is a super food, and how it can transform your life. But as a kid, though, I loved its creaminess and how full it makes me fill after eating it. Also, this was before the realization that an actual serving of avocado is (a mere) one-third of a medium-size avocado. In other words, I use to eat more than the serving size for sure, because I use to eat it a lot! Like A WHOLE LOT!


I love avocados! And honestly am always tempted to eat more than required. However, the slice on the right is your actual serving size. YIKES!

Advance with avocado.

In the light of the whole world coming to the realization of the awesomeness of king avocado, I will like to reiterate that avocado is perfect for you, and if you haven’t already, please embrace it.

Beside several benefits of avocado is the obvious fact that this fruit is absolutely nutritious, comprising of tons of vitamins and minerals! Though we sing the praise of banana when it comes to potassium, yet, avocado contains more potassium than bananas. Additionally, when it comes to heart-healthy foods, count on avocado for that excellent healthy monounsaturated fatty acid because avocado is a good-high-fat food. By the same token avocados are loaded with fibers as well as powerful antioxidants.

Creamiest Avocado Smoothie.

In view of all the goodness of this fruits, you must consider it to become a staple in your household! In reality, there are varieties of ways to eat avocado but if you love dessert and/or ice cream like my best friend, Cherry, then this very recipe would just be your answered prayer for a healthier dessert. To put differently, you can never go wrong by substituting your most cherished ice cream with this creamiest avocado smoothie. Alongside avocado, you will need some frozen banana, non-diary milk, and some spinach or rather some green. I usually love using spinach; am sure kale would work as well.


Add all the ingredients into the blender! Woohoo!


Blend on high until smooth and creamy!

Avocado adventure.

Aside from making avocado smoothie, (which I love love love), I obviously use this fruit in several other ways. In fact, I go on what I call avocado adventure, for instance, I love it on my salad, I adore it on my beans and my husband go crazy on avocado toast. For the purpose of whole-fully enjoying this fruit yourself, I want to encourage you to go on an avocado adventure. Have it your way; then, you will discover what works and what don’t work.

So funny that I love serving up my avocado smoothie in my Christmas glass cup (because I can and) because it tastes better that way.😂

This smoothie has replaced “my green” ice cream craving entirely, and sometimes breakfast. Trust me you can’t go wrong on this yumminess.


With that said, if you are ready, let’s get making:



By the way, how do you eat avocado best? I am curious to know; have you ever tried it in a smoothie? Are you willing to try?

Again remember, this avocado goodness so easy to make, and very delicious and nutritious. Good give it a try! Want more light and lovely recipes? I got you.

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With love,

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  1. 😀THIS IS DELICIOUS!!! 👍🏿Made your recipe for the first time TODAY (5/22/19). I didn’t have fresh spinach but the frozen spinach worked very well for me. The banana was the right sweetness. I was quite surprise as i do not eat bananas unless they are in a smoothie. SHARING THIS FOR SURE! I added about 1/2 avocado because i REALLY LOVE💞 AVOCADO 🥑🥑🥑 #iCelebrateU365 💚🌱💜

    1. Am glad you tried it and you loved it, Annetta!
      Woohoo!!! This recipe is very much under-rated, it’s clearly one of the best.
      It is great to know that frozen spinach worked really fine.I bet that’s even an added advantage in hot weather.
      I do like that you modified the recipe to suit your need.

      Takecare & blessings.

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