Baked Ripe Plantains: Nigerian Boli with Guacamole

Boli โ€“ Baked Ripe Plantains. Although plantains may look like bananas, plantains are not bananas; nevertheless, some people call them big bananas. And for these baked ripe plantains recipe, I will be using plantains and not bananas. As a child, I had plantains trees in the compound, and whenever they mature, my father would cut…

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Oven roasted sweet plantains (maduros) with guacamole

Boli โ€“ Baked Ripe Plantains.

Although plantains may look like bananas, plantains are not bananas; nevertheless, some people call them big bananas. And for these baked ripe plantains recipe, I will be using plantains and not bananas. As a child, I had plantains trees in the compound, and whenever they mature, my father would cut them down (because that’s the only way to harvest them), and then we would feast on those plantains. I say “feast” because that’s what it is. Uniquely, another new plantain tree would spring out from the cut-down tree, just wow!

Nigerian Boli roasted in open fire or oven roasted/baked is always yummy and insanely delicious!

My mother would make all kinds of plantain recipes. My favorites are the fried ripe plantains; usually, we make those in the mornings. Unripe plantain porridge, just like the name suggests, this recipe is made with unripe plantains also known as green plantains. Then, the roasted, grilled, or baked ripe plantains, typically known as Boli in Nigeria, which is what we are making today.

Roasted sweet yellow plantains without the skins
Isn’t this pretty? I mean both the perfectly baked plantains and guacamole… Such a divine combo!

Nigerian Street food โ€“ roasted/baked ripe plantains

[bctt tweet=”Boli โ€“ roasted, grilled, or baked ripe plantains are usually made with ripe sweet yellow plantains. This very popular Nigerian street food is generally roasted over an open fire; usually, a wire rack is placed on the fire, and the plantains placed on the racks.” username=”NkechiAjaeroh”]ย These days, most people either grill or oven bake ripe plantains, and it still tastes delicious! Though baked ripe plantains are perfect summer cooking, we eat these all year round in Nigeria and around the world. And even if you have never had plantains this way before, I got you, and assure you that you will love this.

Baked ripe plantains swerved with guacamole also known as Maduros.

Benefits of Plantains:

Generally, plantains have several benefits for the body, here are some notable ones:

  1. First, plantains are filling this is especially the case with unripe/green plantains.
  2. Second, it can help you manage your weight. This is no brainer because when you are full, you eat less.
  3. Third, plantains are great for the heart as they are high in potassium. By the same token, plantains can help lower cholesterol.
  4. Finally, plantains are gluten-free and paleo-friendly, not to mention that they are versatile in usage.

Green vs. Ripe Sweet Yellow Plantains?

Oh, kay, green plantains, also known as unripe plantains, are the source of resistant starch, meaning it will not immediately raise the blood sugar level. In other words, these would be the best type of plantains for those with diabetes. Additionally, green plantains can keep you full for the longest.

On the other hand, ripe plantains are sweet, yellow in color, and naturally sweet! Mostly fried and enjoyed alongside other savory dishes. Some people also use sweet plantains in desserts. However, we shall be using no sugar, no butter, no chess, or unnecessary add-ons for today’s recipe. All you need is a dash of salt, and a sprinkle olive oil to make these healthy baked ripe plantains then serve it up with freshly made guacamole!

Healthy roasted ripe plantains in the oven. Baked plantains without foil

Plantains are naturally sweet.

[bctt tweet=”#ProTip: When it comes to grilling, roasting, or baking, the ripe yellow sweet plantains do not go overboard with spices and herbs to the extent that overwhelms or overpowers its sweet deliciousness.” username=”NkechiAjaeroh”] And when it comes to eating, there are options such as spicy pepper sauce, roasted peanuts, or perhaps eat them with guacamole like me! No matter what you chose to eat your baked ripe plantains with, it surely will be delicious.

Naturally sweet yellow ripe plantains can be cooked in several ways. Today, I will bake and serve these with mashed avocado.
This plantain is perfect for making this recipe; this is exactly the plantains and avocado that I used.

Making Baked Ripe Plantains.

Fortunately, it is super easy to make this recipe, annnnnnd the best things to do aside baking up some ripe sweet plantain is to eat it! If you are trying this recipe for the first time, you are in for a thrill! Step 1: Peel, cut, and bake up these babies.

How to cook plantains, baked and healthy. Step 1, wash, peel, and bake in the oven
This recipe is super easy to make, and you can do other things like laundry while it bakes!

Step 2: Prepare the guacamole:

Savory and sweet baked ripe plantains served with freshly made guacamole
Guacamole is one of the easiest yet yummiest foods! Literally a perfect dip for anything! Lime juice is a must if not serving immediately, unless you are allergic to it!

[bctt tweet=”Today I am excited to show you how to make Boli โ€“ roasted/grilled/baked ripe plantains and am serving it with fresh guacamole. Guess what? Everyone loves Nigerianย Boli, and I know you will too!” username=”NkechiAjaeroh”]

Roasted plantain Nigerian recipe baked without cinnamon, and just a sprinkle of salt, and olive oil. But instead of spicy pepper sauce , this roasted plantain is served with spicy guacamole

By all means necessary let’s start making this yumminess.

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Oven roasted sweet plantains (maduros) with guacamole

Baked Ripe Plantains: Nigerian Boli with Guacamole

  • Author: Nkechi Ajaeroh, MPH
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 45 minutes
  • Total Time: 55 minutes
  • Yield: 2 1x
  • Category: Lunch
  • Method: Baking
  • Cuisine: Nigerian
  • Diet: Gluten Free


These oven-roasted perfectly baked ripe plantains served with guacamole is mouthwatering and insanely delicious! Also known as Boli โ€“ this very popular Nigerian street food is generally roasted over an open fire, normally a wire rack will be placed on the fire, and the plantains will be placed on the rack. Well, I want to show you how to bake it in the oven, and it will still be incredibly satisfying. This roasted, grilled or baked ripe sweet yellow plantain recipe can serve as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack!

Ripe sweet yellow plantains are naturally sweet, and when it comes to grilling, roasting, or baking, ripe plantains do not go overboard with spices/herbs that would overwhelm this deliciousness.



2 fully ripe plantains

1 avocado

1 tablespoon of olive oil (or less; for brushing/rubbing plantains before baking)

Salt (according to your taste)

Black pepper

Crushed red pepper (according to your taste)

2 tablespoons of chopped red/purple onions


  1. Preheat oven to 400.
  2. Wash plantains; dry with a pepper towel. Peel plantain, and gently slice/cut in the middle.
  3. Cover a baking pan/sheet with foil, and place a baking wire rack on it.
  4. Sprinkle a little salt and oil on the sliced plantains, and use clean hands to rub, making sure the salt and oil are well distributed.
  5. Place the plantains on a rack, and place the rack in a preheated oven.
  6. Bake until fully cooked and slightly golden and a little charred. Flip over after about 15 to 20 minutes in baking to allow for even cooking on both sides. Total cooking may take between 35 โ€“ 45 minutes; (sometimes cooking time may depend on the oven, that is how hot it gets.) Keep your eyes on these do not burn it.
  7. Remove from the oven after baking, and serve hot with freshly made guacamole, this recipe serves two people.

For the Guacamole:

  1. Wash and cut the avocado, gently remove the seed and scope it into a clean bowl.
  2. Add some black pepper, sprinkle some salt, and crushed red pepper.
  3. Mash roughly, I like to see some textures, but mash according to how you want it!
  4. Squeeze in some lime juice if you wish, but especially if you are not serving this immediately, as it prevents from turning brown.
  5. Finally, add the purple onions, totally optional, but I love it in mine.


Refrain from using the overly ripe plantains that may appear black and soft because they won’t maintain their shape after cooking. Moreover, they can quickly burn and not taste good!

You can surely roast/bake this without oil or oil spray, but I think a little oil rub makes look even more appetizing

Serve this with spicy pepper sauce or roasted peanuts just like in Nigeria

Even though you can also roast/grill or bake the green/unripe plantains. They equally taste yummy but not sweet, unlike the ripe ones.

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These oven-roasted perfectly baked ripe plantains served with guacamole is mouthwatering and insanely delicious! Also known as Boli โ€“ a very popular Nigerian street food. This Nigerian baked ripe sweet yellow plantain recipe is vegan, paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and oven-baked to perfection. These roasted plantains are breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack! They are great with pepper compote, groundnuts (peanuts), or guacamole. #Plantains #Bakeplantains #Roastedplantains #sweetplantains

Stay well and safe.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Nkechi! Until I met you I had never had plantains or knew how to make them. I enjoy them very much now.
    I grilled mine for this and like the taste very much with the guacamole.

    1. I am glad you like this recipe, Cindy! This is Nigerian Street food, so incredibly tasty. We roast these over open fire. One of those childhood delicacies, I couldn’t get off my memory.
      Well, Glad, I introduced you to plantains. Cheers to eating more plantains.๐Ÿฅ‚


    I absolutely loved these. I’ve just started cooking with plantains, as I am on a restricted diet (Auto-Immune Protocol – AIP), and I’m so happy to have found your site. Since I can’t have peppers right now, I have found that I love 100% Pure Wasabi powder mixed with mashed avocado, is a perfect spicy sip and worked great with your Boli recipe.

    1. Am so sorry about your diagnosis, Melissa.
      So excited for you to try those Baked plantains (Boli), so good! I believe the Wasabi powder will give it the right spicy kick to avocado! Good luck, and see you soon!๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. I haven’t had plantains before, but when I find them at the supermarket, I’m gonna give them a try! this looks so yummy!

  4. Jeff Albom says:

    I love plantains but have always had them fried. This looks like a much healthier alternative. And, I can never have enough guacamole. Perfect combo.

    1. Yes, Jeff, this is a healthier alternative to frying! Thankfully you already enjoy plantains, so this would be a walk in the park for you! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. I love the creamy guacamole with these perfectly baked plantains. Perfect flavor combo