The Best Way to Peel Beans Using a Bender

How to peel black-eyed peas for fritters popularly known Akara or Kose. Deskinning beans is very easy and simple with the blender. #Blackeyedpeas #Peelbeans #Nigerian #Moimoi

Why Peel Beans?

First of all, I think it would be safe to say that Nigerians run on beans, growing up, my mother made plenty of recipes using beans. Such as beans porridge, beans and plantain, white beans, beans, and rice! Then there are moi-moi or beans pudding, and the delightfully delicious Akara or black-eyed peas fritters require peeling of the skin. Funny enough, these two (moi-moi & Akara) are also the most popular beans recipes, and their recipe requires peeled beans. With that being said, today I want to show you how to peel beans using the blender within minutes!

Recipes like Nigerian moimoi, and Akara, Kose, or black-eyed fritters are all made using deskinned beans
My goal is help you get this result.

Peel Beans, the Old-fashion Way?

Oh, okay, healthy foodies, are you still peeling/deskinning beans the old-fashion way? If you answer yes, then this post is for you because you will learn the quickest way to peel beans today! Growing up, the only thing standing between us and clean peeled/deskinned beans is our hands. Usually, you will soak the beans in water, and while still in the water, you will pick up some of them and consistently rub then in between your palms. This helps their skin to loosen and eventually peel off. Here’s what’s wrong with that old method:

  • First, you need to have strong hands, not really, but, honestly, you do.
  • Second, you need to have plenty of time because peeling beans this way takes a good amount of time.
  • Third, you need to have energy – this is such an energy-sapping job!
  • Bottom line, peeling beans (the old-fashion way) takes time, and it remains one of the reasons people would instead go to the streets to buy moi-moi, and Akara rather than make it themselves. My goal is to show you the easy way out – how to peel beans using the blender!

You can either use brown beans or black-eyed peas for this purpose.

The job no one wants to do…

This is no joke, the truth is that most kids in the majority of Nigerian families do not want to do this job – peel beans, lol! Back then, we see washing beans as tedious; I mean, isn’t it, though? So older kids would usually pass this job down to the younger ones. As the last child of the family, peeling beans was literally my birthright. By the same token, it allowed me to know how to do it very well. However, I was thrilled to learn how to peel beans using the blender, which is what I will be showing you today!

How to Peel Beans using the Blender.

To wash off beans’ skins using the blender is as easy as 1-2-3Firstly, add dry black-eyed peas to a big bowl and add some water.

How to remove from beans husk from the seed – first soak dry black-eyed peas in water for at least 10 – 15 minutes.
This is one lb of black-eyed peas; you can also use brown beans.

Secondly, allow soaking a bit.

*You can blend up this beans afterwards and use them for  akara or moi-moi using a blender! Remember not to over crowd the blender
Use a bowl to soak bean; do not overcrowd the blender

Thirdly, use the blender to loosen it.

If you are ready to make Nigerian yummy recipes without tears, then lets make this!
This is precisely what you are looking for, Beans skins torn from seeds. Be careful not to blend this at this point.

Finally, rinse all the chaff!

The main goal is to separate the chaff from the seed, and soaking it helps a great deal!
Rinsing helps you separate the seed from the chaff! Use a sieve or strainer.

Can I make moi-moi and Akara without peeling off the skins?

Surprisingly, I get questions like this now and then. If you are wondering whether you can make these delicacies without first peeling the beans, the answer is no! At the same time, when you learn how to peel beans using the blender, it makes cooking moi-moi and Akara way easier! So, therefore, do not allow this process to prevent you from enjoying these delicacies.

The fastest way to peel beans using a blender. Make sure to keep rinsing until you get a clear water like this.
Now this is perfec!
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How to peel black-eyed peas for fritters popularly known Akara or Kose. Deskinning beans is very easy and simple with the blender. #Blackeyedpeas #Peelbeans #Nigerian #Moimoi

The Best Way to Peel Beans Using a Bender


Whether you are making moi-moi or Akara, which is also known as black-eyed peas fritters, you will need to have peeled beans. It is essential to know how to peel beans easily and without wasting such much time! Today, I am showing you how deskin beans using the blender, this method takes less than 15 minutes!



1 lb. black-eyed peas


  1. Pour/add the beans into a bowl, add some water to cover the beans, allow to soak for 10 – 15 minutes, or a little more.
  2. Add a handful of beans and some water at a time into the blender; use the pulse setting to start and stop, without allowing the blender to go more than 3 seconds at a time. This will help the skin (of the soaked dry beans) to loosen.
  3. Pour into a separate big bowl; repeat the process for the entire soaked beans.
  4. To rinse, make sure the bowl with loosened beans has enough water, gently start rinsing off the floating chaff/skin. The skins would usually float to the top; they are lighter than the seed.
  5. The goal is to rinse off only the skin and not the (white) bean seed. Rinse thoroughly and set the clean seed aside for moi-moi or Akara or whatever you want to use it to do.


Do not overcrowd the blender by adding too many beans at a time.

Do not blend these beans in the name of loosening it, be careful.

Usually, we use brown beans or black-eyed peas for this purpose, i have never tried to peel the skin of kidney beans, pinto beans, or navy beans.

The beans skin or chaff can easily clog the kitchen drainage, so make sure to use a sieve to catch it, and then threw it away in the trash can.

  • Prep Time: 30 minutes
  • Cuisine: Nigerian

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