2021 Reflections + 2022 Word of the Year Ideas

How was Christmas 2021? Okay, foodie friends, first, how were your Christmas celebrations before 2021 reflections and 2022 word of the year ideas? Mine was crazy! Listen, it has been a tough week for my family and me. I became sick on Christmas day; sadly, it wasn’t how I anticipated my holidays to go. Unfortunately,…

2021 reflections + 2022 word of the year

How was Christmas 2021?

Okay, foodie friends, first, how were your Christmas celebrations before 2021 reflections and 2022 word of the year ideas? Mine was crazy! Listen, it has been a tough week for my family and me.

I became sick on Christmas day; sadly, it wasn’t how I anticipated my holidays to go. Unfortunately, that was how it went – headaches, cold, flu, and extreme fatigue. Amongst everything, I am so grateful to be alive, and God is good! 

First of all, I can’t believe this year ends today. WOW, it feels like it just started. Second, I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING HERE; you rock, and your support is appreciated. I reached a couple of heights on this blog this year and am grateful for the guidance of Chichi (love and appreciate you, sis)! I am particularly thankful for the small things that made my life easier in 2021. 

2021 Reflections (Major Flexes):

1. Air Fryer Joy:

My 2021 reflection would not be complete without sharing the awesomeness of my Air Fryer. This was the year that I finally got an Air Fryer; I have always felt that I didn’t need one. Now, I think I can’t live without it! This Air Fryer is hands down my purchase of the year! I love it! (If you are wondering, I got the 6 quart).

Currently, I have an obsession with frying my ripe plantains in the Air Fryer. Subsequently, Air Fryer chicken trumps over deep-fried wings! Quick question: do you have an Air Fryer yet? If not, do you wish to get one soon?

Instant Vortex plus Air fryer 
2021 reflections + 2022 word of the year ideas!
This fried chicken was the very first thing I made when I got this Air Fryer, and this was without me even trying! These wings weren’t dipped in sauce yet!

Chicken Thighs: A Must-make in the Air Fryer:

Cooking chicken thighs in the air fryer is currently my (healthy) obsession and, honestly, the best thing! These bone in chicken thighs in the Air Fryer are crispy on the outside and yet very juicy on the inside.

Bone in chicken thighs in the Air Fryer are crispy on the outside and yet very juicy on the inside. Air fryer thighs are packed with flavors, easy to cook, and ready in 30 minutes or less. The best part is that you can serve air fryer chicken thighs with just about any main side dish. Relatively, they pair so well with fried rice, cabbage, roasted veggies, salads, and literally any dish as a choice of protein. #Airfryerthighs #Airfryerchicken #Chickenthighrecipe #Airfryerrecipe #Chickenrecipe

2. Happy Juicer:

Listen, I am that happy juicer that loves homemade vegetable juices. In other words, investing in my small masticating juicer might have been the best decision I made in 2021. Aside from this small juicer, which I highly recommend, the husband already gifted me with this big juicer.

I am indeed very thankful that I made homemade juices a couple of times a week to keep the body and soul together. Some of my favorite homemade juices include pineapple – cucumber juice, celery juice, beet juice, carrot juice, grapefruit juice, to mention a few! 

Juice the grapefruit and ginger using a juicer.
My small masticating Juicer; I use this one a lot! Highly recommend.

3. Epica Clear Glass Bottles:

This 2021 reflections are based upon my appreciation of small things that made me happy and healthier this year. And, listen, I really enjoyed using my clear glass bottles; they make every vegetable blend taste better! These epica glass bottles are indeed EPIC!

Though I occasionally use mason jars to store my homemade juices, I love how the juices look in these clear glass bottles. Also, they are cheap.

Pineapple cucumber juice recipe with bell peppers, lemon, and ginger! Wow, let’s take a moment and appreciate how loaded this fruit and vegetable juice is! This pineapple and cucumber juice recipe have only five ingredients, have no artificial or refined sugar, and it is super easy to make. As long as you are using a fresh, sweet, juicy pineapple, there isn’t any need for a sugar or sugar substitute! Pineapple is sweet, and that’s all we need. If you think you want to sweeten this pineapple juice, I suggest you add an apple. Apples are natural sweeteners!
Aren’t these pineapple cucumber juice gorgeous in these glass bottles?

Ending 2021… in a Bang?

Entering this year, I had a big career goal – I wanted to get into magazines, newspapers, and digital media. This goal is still in progress, and I am gladly carrying it over to 2022. On the other hand, I started a YouTube channel, and I am happy to report that I reached the 1000 subscribers’ milestone! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL if you haven’t already.

There was a lot of trial and error navigating the demands of food blogging. Finally, there were filming disasters, and the behind-the-scenes was hilarious. 

On the personal side: we moved to Maryland in September (you may have heard about this if you follow me on social media)!! A rough uneasy military move, gladly, the good Lord is with us through all of it!

All in all, 2021 was tough and challenging across the globe. The effects of the global pandemic are real, and if you have not met your 2021 goal, please be encouraged.

2021 reflections and 2022 word of the year
This photo was taken on 2021 Thanksgiving. My niece visited. Am so proud of this young medical doctor!

2022 Word of the Year.

My word of the year for 2021 was “execute” – I wanted to accomplish every goal, EVERY SINGLE GOAL!!! There were downsides to this, especially when things didn’t go as planned. 

With the pandemic still ranging on, my 2022 word of the year is BREATHE. This word speaks to me right now, after being very sick since Christmas day, all I can do is breathe and live intentionally. I wish to be very mindful while I live a quality life in 2022 and beyond. Ultimately, 2022 is not about how far; it is all about how well. I love that breathing equally means giving life; this reminds me that life comes before anything else.

Do you have 2022 word of the year yet? Please share with me in the comment.

Eighty 2022 Word of the Year Ideas for You:

  1. Abundance
  2. Achieve
  3. Adapt 
  4. Adventure 
  5. Amazing 
  6. Align 
  7. Alive 
  8. Appreciate 
  9. Awake
  10. Awesome 
  11. Balance 
  12. Be
  13. Begin 
  14. Believe 
  15. Belong 
  16. Best
  17. Bliss
  18. Bold 
  19. Breathe
  20. Bright 
  21. Build 
  22. Calm
  23. Care
  24. Change 
  25. Celebrate
  26. Commit 
  27. Confidence
  28. Connect 
  29. Courage 
  30. Create 
  31. Declutter 
  32. Delight
  33. Determination 
  34. Discipline 
  35. Dream 
  36. Elevate 
  37. Embrace 
  38. Excite
  39. Expand 
  40. Experience
  41. Explore
  42. Execute
  43. Faith 
  44. Fearless 
  45. Fight
  46. Find
  47. Fun
  48. Flourish
  49. Fly
  50. Forgive
  51. Forward
  52. Fulfil 
  53. Generous
  54. Gentle 
  55. Glad
  56. Glow 
  57. Glory
  58. Go 
  59. Grateful
  60. Gratitude
  61. Grow
  62. Happy
  63. Harmony 
  64. Healthy
  65. Healthy habits 
  66. Help
  67. Hope 
  68. Humble
  69. Imagine
  70. Increase 
  71. Intentional 
  72. Inspire
  73. Joy
  74. Kind 
  75. Laugh 
  76. Lead
  77. Learn
  78. Love 
  79. Master
  80. Mindful  

In conclusion, the word of the year can be any word that ministers to you. As a matter of fact, you can jumble two words into one. For instance, your 2022 word of the year can be healthy living, easy going or finding joy, etc.Anyhow, friends, I pray that the love of God protects and surrounds you this new year and always. AMEN.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR, Stay well and safe.

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