How To Make The Most Of The Month Of June

How Would You Make The Most of June? June is a special month; it is the 6th month of the year, in other words, the half of the year. As you know time doesn’t require our permission to keep ticking, it ticks and never stops anyways. Regardless if you are prepared for June or not the…

How Would You Make The Most of June?

June is a special month; it is the 6th month of the year, in other words, the half of the year. As you know time doesn’t require our permission to keep ticking, it ticks and never stops anyways. Regardless if you are prepared for June or not the month is here, it will keep going until June 30th.

For you and I the question remains; how would you make the most of this month? In other words, how do you intend to become your best self?

In the light of having so much to do in such a limited time, how can you maximize your time? And get excellent results from your efforts?


Goal Set Like A Pro This June.

Plan ahead.

Planning is paramount to progress. In reality, success comes at after meticulous planning and performing. First, you must plan. Second, you must take action. Thirdly you must be consistent in doing both all the time.

If you haven’t already planned out this month, no worries, here’s what you need to do.

Take some time and outline the things you would like to accomplish this month. And under each of those things write out the necessary steps you will need to take. Besides, keep that plan of action where you can see it and everyday dedicate some time to work on it. if you need help planning out your month grab my free Monthly Goal Planner here. Use it to maximize your performance this June and beyond.


Prioritize Your Responsibility.

Schedule your priorities.

Sometimes when you pick up a pen and paper to plan out your month, your whole life goal might start coming into your head. Unfortunately, you only have limited time to do so much. Well, the first thing to remember here is to ask yourself what your priority is. Then, schedule those priorities. From time to time go through your schedule, and if there is some extra time, then you can whisk in some of those other tasks that aren’t really of high importance to you. At the same time, it is ok to trim off your workload to ensure that you are focusing on your priorities. My third book, Supercharge Your Day helps you live intentionally 365 days a year. Check it out here.


Be accountable or have an accountability partner. defines accountability as “subject to the obligation to report, explain, or justify something; responsible; answerable.” When you start taking responsibility for your action your life will start changing for the better. On the other hand, if you struggle with keeping yourself accountable, then you can get an accountability partner.

It is equally ok to use an accountability tool; perhaps an app that reminds you to do your daily task. There was a time I was struggling to keep myself accountable, and procrastination took over me.

Not a joke at all. Eventually, I woke up and started working on my priorities, which led me to write three books to date.

Holding myself accountable changed the trajectory of my life. In procrastination cure course I shared the exact step I took to get rid of procrastination, and one of those steps includes accountability.

At the end of the day what you do is what defines you not necessarily what you say.


Go High With These Habits.

Wake up early.

One of the ways to make the most of June is to task yourself to wake up early or even earlier throughout the month.

On the positive side, you add more hours to your day when you wake up early. I mean every here and there I may wake up a little late, but by and large, I am an early riser. Waking up early has loads of benefits such as it puts you in the right mindset, it helps you to get more out of your day, etc.

Since you cannot be an early riser and night owl at the same time, you must then choose whether you desire to wake up early or stay up late. I chose the first and it works well for me; this means I get to go to bed early as well. You can learn more about the fantastic benefits of waking up early in this video I recorded for you😊


Get proper rest/sleep.

Your body is not a machine it deserves some rest. Therefore, one thing you may have to do in other to an extraordinary month is to remember that good rest and good sleep equals high energy for higher performance.

There are many benefits of sleep; personally, whenever I get a good rest or sleep, I wake up energized, pumped and ready to get my creative juice flowing.

Finally, if you intend to make the most of June then endeavor to get better rest and sleep because in other to reproduce you must recharge.


Eat healthily.

These days we hear a lot about healthy eating and healthy living. Well, I am happy to bring you the truth about healthy eating and am sorry if it is not what you are expecting.

In my experience, the easiest way to eat healthy is to make or cook your meals. When you buy food from the fast food restaurants even if such foods are labeled as “healthy food” for instance healthy smoothie, you may still not be sure if that smoothie is as healthy as promised.

I honestly think that the only way to ensure that you are eating the right healthy food that you want to eat is by making them yourself. Cooking is not rocket science if you wish to learn.

Another thing I do in other to ensure that I eat healthy meals is to meal prep. In other words, I dedicate a day or so to cook in batch, and it would usually last for about a week. It is not a secret that I love cooking Nigerian food and please feel free to check them out here.


Activate Your Activity.

Take care of yourself; exercise.

Another aspect of making the most of this month is by remembering to take maximum care of you. As you know, I am a strong advocate of “goal getting.” I love feeling the joy of accomplishments and achievements, but goal accomplishments are not everything. After all how good is your success if you are neglecting the most important task – YOU!

Last year I decided to start exercising intentionally five days a week. It has helped me, and I hope to continue to do this month and beyond.

Word of caution: Do not overwhelm yourself with a “particular” exercise that will get you a particular result. I think my exercise plans have worked well because I chose the right activity for me. Taking care of yourself means that you are putting yourself first, and that is what you should do.

In summary, you come first, and everything else comes second, and that is how you make the most of the month of June.


Are you ready for this new month?

Now it is your turn, please tell me in the comment how you intend to make the most of June. Also if you find this information useful, please share this post on social media.


With love,


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