How to Kick-start Your Fitness Success.

Fitness success is not a one size fit all.

Remaining successful in your fitness journey is not rocket science, here are my top three all-time pro tips on how to kick-start your fitness success.

First of all, remember that your fitness success is mainly all in your head and only you can decide what you want it to be. Staying fit like life is a journey. You enjoy it one fitness at a time. Do not overburden yourself with the guilty feeling of the exercises you have not done in the past or for those future exercises you hope to do.

One significant thing about exercise is that constant input wins the race. And I can tell you this from experience.

If you have ever struggled with fitness, weight loss or perhaps maintaining a healthy physical activity routine, remember you are not alone. For the most part, since having my kids, I realize how hard it is to maintain a fit body. The fact is that motherhood comes with its high cost of responsibility. And for most new moms and most mothers with young children with no help, maintaining an excellent physical activity routine could be a daunting task.


The struggle is real.

Well, to cut a long story short, in July 2017, I decided to focus on my health at all cost because health is wealth. Understandably, I have to help myself before I can help others be it my kids, family or friends. I made working out a priority, and I further made it a task that I need to perform five days a week.

A quick heads up: I am not where I desire to be in my fitness journey, but I call it “fitness success” because I am putting in the work, going strong and not quitting.

Wanna know how to kick-start your fitness success? Keep reading.


Three essential lessons from my fitness journey that can help you kick-start your fitness success:

  • Firstly, make up your mindset. I strongly feel that becoming successful at anything has a lot to do with your mindset, fitness inclusive. Decide that you want to win in exercise journey and pursue that vision. When your mind is made up, nothing can stop you.
  • Secondly, choose wisely. A choice is a massive part of success because everything and anything you will end up becoming will be as a result of the choices you make. It is important to realize that nothing happens by chance but by choice. Therefore, choose to exercise consistently, without that it becomes difficult to see the result.
  • Finally, your perception shapes your reality. The grass is not greener on the other side, it’s only your perception, and it plays a substantial part on how you see things. If you want to experience tremendous fitness success, then be mindful of how you look at the things that happen to you and around you. Be the bigger person and look beyond the trials, temptations, and tribulations of life to go for your dreams. You are worth it. Stay focused on your end goal, reduce distractions.


Please tell me in the comment the ways you are using to kick-start your fitness. If you need more help staying motivated then check out Gary V! He rocks and has compelling stories to make, anyone believe in their ability.

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May I encourage you to decide to use your wings. You are worth much more than you know my dear friend.

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