Welcome to Mother’s World

Welcome to a Mother’s world.

Today is my birthday, and just in case you are wondering… NO, I’m not pregnant, am just filled with gratitude. I want to use this opportunity to celebrate motherhood… One of the best blessings I have know.

To all my beautiful moms out there, I love you. I feel you. I SALUTE you!

(Please tag a mother: your mommy, sister, auntie, grandma and all mothers at heart).

Enjoy this poem…


Welcome to Mother’s World.

Up at the break of dawn.

Strength gone. Sleep, done.

Everyone else still asleep

Mother is up readying for the day.

Mothers do EVERYTHING, well almost.

Welcome to Mother’s world❤


The words that came to mind,

Mothers sing to comfort the baby.

With joy and smile, she calms the tantrum.

Humming all the way home,

Like the house sparrow.

Because every word becomes a song.

Mothers give all within their strength,

To have some peace.

Welcome to Mother’s world❤


Mothers do their best,

Not knowing the rest.

No one knows everything!

You may think you know until the test.

The sick days and night tears.

Sometimes, silent fears,

No smooth sailing at all,

Yet she embraces her role.

Mothers are THE BEST.

Welcome to Mother’s world❤


The stories. The Troubles. The tiredness.

Sometimes, the overwhelm.

The joy and juggling of motherhood.

The peace and pressure of her kingdom.

Her children look at her for all the answers. ALL!

Do Mothers know all? I tell you mothers know a lot.

Welcome to Mother’s world❤


As your child grows your heart glows.

You pray that they soar and fly, very high.

When they do, you cry with joy.

But your work is never really done.

Because a mama will mother even grown children.

Mothers’ love ARE FOREVER.

Welcome to Mother’s world❤

(formerly published at Just Positude on July 25, 2017.)


Happy birthday to me!

So grateful to God for all the blessings I have received in this life. Looking unto GOD for a brighter future, and extraordinary abundance in all areas of my life.

Thanks, friends for celebrating with me.

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Use you wings,



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