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Infused Water Recipes for Glowing Skin (Fruit Water)


Drink more water with DIY naturally flavored water, aka homemade fruit water! These fruit infused water recipes for glowing skin are health-improving, refreshing, and will surely keep you hydrated.

Fruit-flavored water comes in handy during warm weather as we naturally tend to drink more water then. With these fruit water recipes, you can confidently keep the summer heat at bay and stay hydrated as you should. If you live in a hot country like Nigeria (my country of birth), you are in luck with these fruit infused water recipes!



Strawberry Water (Strawberry Raspberry Rosemary Lime Water)

23 strawberries; sliced

1/4 cup of raspberries

12 sprigs of Rosemary

2 cups (or 16 ounces) of water

Blueberry Orange Infused Water with Thyme

1/4 cup of blueberries

24 slices of orange

2 Sprigs of Fresh thyme

2 cups (or 16 ounces) of water

Cucumber Kiwi Infused Water with Lemon and Thyme

1 kiwi; peeled and sliced

34 slices of fresh cucumber

1 slice of lemon

1 sprig of fresh thyme

2 cups (or 16 ounces) of water

Strawberry mint water with lemon

23 strawberries; sliced

2 slices of lemon

1 sprig of fresh mint

2 cups (or 16 ounces) of water

Citrus Water (Orange lemon lime infused water with Rosemary)

4 slices of fresh orange

2 slices of lemon

1 slice of lime

1 sprig of Rosemary

2 cups (or 16 ounces) of water

Cucumber lemon water with mint and Rosemary

34 slices fresh cucumber

2 slices of lemon

1 sprig of mint

1 sprig of Rosemary

2 cups (or 16 ounces) of water


  1. Wash fruits and herbs, set them aside.
  2. Add fruits/herbs to empty jars; add water; better to infuse overnight and drink the next for maximum flavor.
  3. Alternatively, add water to the jars first, then throw in the fruits and herbs.
  4. If drinking immediately, smash the fruits to release their flavors.
  5. Shake well before drinking. When the water runs out, refill throughout the day.


The amount of fruits you add to your water is dependent on you. You can follow my directions or do what suits you.

What is your favorite combination?

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